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Y5 Athletics

During our outdoor PE, Year 5 have been learning to run at speed whilst developing the correct running technique. Year 5 have been looking at sustaining running at a continuous pace.

 Posted: 27 April, 2023

Shallowford Farm 2023

What a fabulous start to the summer term Y5 are having!  We've been off on our 2-night residential to Shallowford Farm, a farm buried deep within Dartmoor - with no other homes or building in sight!  Without our help, the pigs and sheep wouldn't have been fed and mucked out and the new born lambs wouldn't have been numbered so they match up with their mums when out in the field.  Not only have we been interacting with animals we don't normally play with, but we've also been challenged to try new foods, work together as a team and investigate ways to care for our world/environment, conisdering how important it is NOT to waste food, and nurture plants which are native to Great Britain.  Our science topic this term - Life Cycles - is well and truly underway, as is our Geography unit: Rivers.  And we're bound to remember all the learning we'll cover when we get back at school because we've seen and experienced the lessons firsthand. Thanks Shallowford Farm!

Posted:24 April, 2023

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